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Theoretical and experimental research at the Human Neuroscience Lab (HNL) at University of California Irvine is focused on the integrative function of the brain in cognition. Our working hypothesis is that cognition involves the interaction between local processes in specific regions of the cortex and global brain networks. We carry out experimental studies using EEG, MEG, TMS, and fMRI on visual and auditory perception and attention, and we use volume conduction and dynamic models to elucidate the neural mechanisms underlying our findings. Details of our studies can be found in the Publication page and Research Personnel descriptions.

Latest News

New Paper

David's paper "Individual differences in attention strategies during detection, fine discrimination, and coarse discrimination" was recently published in Journal of Neurophysiology . (added 06.13.2013)

New Paper

Cort's paper "Suppression of Competing Speech through Entrainment of Cortical Oscillations" was recently published in Journal of Neurophysiology . (added 06.13.2013)

New Paper

Javi's paper "Near-Real-Time Feature-Selective Modulations in Human Cortex" was recently published in Current Biology . (added 06.13.2013)

Book Chapter

Ramesh's and Siyi's chapter "Multivariate spectral analysis of EEG: power, coherence and second-order blind identification" in Biosignal Processing: Principles and Practices (H. Liang, J.D. Bronzino, and D.R. Peterson, eds.) was recently published. (added 02.28.2013)

New Paper

David's paper "Distinct attention networks for feature enhancement and suppression in vision" was recently published in Psychological Science . (added 08.25.2012)

New Paper

Lavanya's paper "Neural strategies for selective attention distinguish fast-action video game players" was recently published in Brain Topography. (added 08.25.2012)

New Book

Paul Nunez, experienced bungee jumper and longtime collaborator with the HNL, has published a new book titled Brain, Mind, and the Structure of Reality. (added 05.13.2010)

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fMRI response in medial frontal cortex that depends on the temporal frequency of visual input

Realistic shaped Boundary element Model (BEM) of the head

Topography of ADHD group coherence elevation at 8 Hz in the alert interval