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Theoretical and experimental research in the Human Neuroscience Lab (HNL) at the University of California Irvine is focused on the integrative function of the brain in cognition. Our working hypothesis is that cognition involves the interaction between local processes in specific regions of the cortex and global brain networks. We carry out experimental studies using EEG, MEG, TMS, and fMRI on visual and auditory perception and attention, and we use volume conduction and dynamic models to elucidate the neural mechanisms underlying our findings. Details of our studies can be found in the Publication page and Research Personnel descriptions.

Latest News

Graduate Students Wanted

HNL is seeking graduate students for admission in Fall 2019.

Our lab has openings for up to 2 graduate students for entry in Fall 2019. Possible research areas include (1) neurocognitive models of decision making in collaboration with Prof. Joachim Vandekerckhove (Cognitive Sciences and Statistics) and (2) simultaneous EEG/fMRI studies of sleep and learning in collaboration with Prof. Sara Mednick (Cognitive Sciences). Ideal candidates will have strong mathematical and technical backgrounds as well as the interest to pursue the MS in Statistics concurrently with the PhD, through our joint program with the Department of Statistics.

Interested applicants should contact Ramesh at r.srinivasan[at]uci.edu before the application deadline of December 1, 2018. (added 08.03.2018)

New Paper

A collaborative review paper "Moving Beyond ERP Components: A Selective Review of Approaches to Integrate EEG and Behavior" was published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience . (added 08.03.2018)

Works In Progress

Kitty's preprint: "Timing of readiness potentials reflect a decision-making process in the human brain"

Michael's preprint: "The latency of a visual evoked potential tracks the onset of decision making"

Collaborative preprint: "Individual differences in cortical processing speed predict cognitive abilities: a model-based cognitive neuroscience account"

(added 08.03.2018)

New Paper

Rakibul's paper "Feature-based attentional tuning during biological motion detection measured with SSVEP" was published in Journal of Vision . (added 09.15.2017)

New Software

HNL's public MATLAB repository for basic EEG artifact correction artscreenEEG was released on github. (added 03.09.2017)

New Paper

Mark's paper "Use of physiological signals to predict cybersickness" was published in Displays. (added 07.11.2016)

New Paper

Mark's paper "Cybersickness without the wobble: Experimental results speak against postural instability theory" was published in Applied Ergonomics. (added 07.11.2016)

New Paper

Mark's paper "Movement Anticipation and EEG: Implications for BCI-Contingent Robot Therapy" was published in IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering. (added 07.11.2016)

New Paper

Luke's paper "Attention selectively modulates cortical entrainment in different regions of the speech spectrum" was published in Brain Research. (added 06.13.2016)

New Paper

Michael's paper "How attention influences perceptual decision making: Single-trial EEG correlates of drift-diffusion model parameters" will be published soon in the Journal of Mathematical Psychology (added 04.03.2016)

Book Chapter

Michael, Paul, and Ramesh's chapter "Electroencephalography (EEG): neurophysics, experimental methods, and signal processing" in the Handbook of Statistical Methods for Brain Signals and Images (H. Ombao, M. Lindquist, W. Thompson, J. Aston, eds.) will be published soon. (added 04.03.2016)

New Paper

Michael's paper "Individual differences in attention influence perceptual decision making" was published in Frontiers in Psychology. (added 01.29.2015)

New Paper

Paul and Ramesh's paper "EEG functional connectivity, axon delays and white matter disease" was published in Clinical Neurophysiology. (added 01.29.2015)

New Paper

Paul and Ramesh's paper "Neocortical dynamics due to axon propagation delays in cortico-cortical fibers: EEG traveling and standing waves with implications for top-down influences on local networks and white matter disease" was published in Brain Research. (added 01.29.2015)

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fMRI response in medial frontal cortex that depends on the temporal frequency of visual input

Realistic shaped Boundary element Model (BEM) of the head

Topography of ADHD group coherence elevation at 8 Hz in the alert interval